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Vocabulario y frases hechas que quiero fijar o sobre el que suelo dudar.

influenciar. Ejemplo: it is a bad thing to try to sway a jury.
ticked off
enfadado. Es la versión educada de pissed off.
picotear. Ejemplo: don't peck at your food!. Ejemplo: woodpecker (picapinos)
animar, atraer. Ejemplo: he coaxed the snake into the trap. Puede ser sinonimo de luring.
word of mouth
boca a boca
bump off
matar. Ejemplo: They bumped off that russian guy. Tiene connotaciones de juego sucio, espías.
word for word
al pie de la letra. Ejemplo: we need to follow the rules word for word. Sinonimo: to the letter.
lo que se usa en los ojos de los caballos para que solo miren al frente.
to be blinkered
metaforicamente, que solo ve en una direccion.
experto en una materia. Example: he is a political pundit.
to scrap
mandar al desguace, descartar, tirar: Example: it is time to scrap your car. Scrap that idea, is useless.
to scrape; raspar. Example
it was freezing last night, you will need to scrape your windshield.
to be on the fence
en medio, en una postura intermedia entre dos.
drop a bombshell
metaforicamente soltar una bomba, una noticia impactante.
something is not a patch on something
ni punto de comparacion. Bush is not a patch on Obama.
to be on the wane
ir a desaparecer. Example: Analog mobile phones are on the wane.
to lag behind
quedarse atras.
pull your (his/her/...) socks up
improve, increase performance (ponerse las pilas)
to be (or not) up to scratch
to meet (or not) expectations. I think that my boss thinks that I am not up to scratch.
to work flat out
to work at maximum performance, to be swamped. Example: If you are already working flat out on a project, you cannot take any more tasks.
to mull over something
give things some time to think about them. Example: I am not ready to give you an answer, I am going to mull it over.
to bring/take something up with someone
traer algo a la atencion de alguien. Example: I'd like to bring some of the project issues up with you.
total cost of something (always used for cost). Example: I'd like to know the project's outlay now, I don't enjoy surprises.
to work out
calculate something. Example: please work out the project's outlay and send it to me ASAP.
to add up to
ascender a (en el sentido de suma, generalmente dinero). The bill adds up to $500.
to go about something
to approach something. Example: how should we go about working up the project's outlay? It is a difficult task.
medical/dental/law practice
buffete, S.L.. Example: my friend is starting a medical practice at Segovia.
tort law
ley civil.
tort crime
crimen civil.
to put up with someone/something
to get by with
salirte con ello, superar una dificultad. Example: it is a quick hack but we will get by with it.
to take on something
encargarse. Example: I want to report this to my manager so it is assigned and someone takes on it.


Aquellos que ya he ido asimilando y en teoría ya me se y soy capaz de usarlos. Conservados aquí por si acaso :)

brave, adventurous.
good with words. Example: Buenafuente is a quite witty guy.
light music, something not to be taken seriously.
under the weather
enfermo. Example: I am under the weather.
ballpark figure
cifra muy a groso modo
sink or swim
apañatelas tu solito. Ejemplo: they put me in a sink or swim situation.
throw somebody at the deep end
sinonimo de sink or swim.
algo contra lo que medirse o compararse.Ejemplo: that will be our yardstick for this project.
to make do
salirte con ello. Example: is not the best solution but it will make do.
to put out
apagar, para luces, fuego, mechero, cigarro.